Thursday, January 22, 2009

Return of the blog...


Sometime in early December Sage lost her hat (seen here) between her school and the day care - she thinks one of the other kids ended up with it, but inquiries and a wanted poster at the day care turned up nothing, nor is it at the school. So anyway, it vanished. Poof!

Not wanting her to freeze in this nasty weather we are having, I knew what needed to be done. So we went to the closest yarn shop that carries Malabrigo (in this case, it was Uncommon Threads in York, PA), and she picked out two skeins of Shocking Pink Malabrigo, because, you know, pink is the new blue.

The mittens were done several weeks ago, and the hat a few days ago, but I didn't have time to sew a string to the mittens to keep them together until Tuesday since I have been so busy with work (Oh yeah, I am working now, at Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg. I love it there. Except fr the all country, all the time, but that isn't even all that bad.).


My first real attempt at crocheting, in the form of the half-double edge on the Thorpe. It came out pretty good considering I'd never done it before.

Sage loves her new hat and mittens, and she was nice and warm on yesterday's walk to school - that's good, considering it was something like 12°F outside when we walked over. Brrrrrr!


Ok, no more photos.


Mittens are mittens for children and adults
Hat is Thorpe - modified for a different yarn gauge, 96 stitches total on US7's. I didn't write down the changes for the earflaps, though.
Yarn is Malabrigo Worsted, in Shocking Pink.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Riah's Wrist Warmers...


I'd almost file this under an "OMG it's not just another swap related post!", but well, it is, really.

Round 4 of the Malabrigo Swap on Ravelry is nearing an end, and my package to my pal (Wakenda on Ravelry, Wakenda Knits in the blog-o-sphere) was sent out and received and these were part of my gift to her. She's had the Rose's Wrist Warmers pattern in her queue for a while, and with the upcoming (well, already here, in the north-eastern part of the country) cooler weather, I thought they would be the perfect accessory to knit for her.

She mentioned that she loved the London Sky color of the Malabrigo Silky Merino, so I just had to use it for her wrist warmers.

They were a fairly quick knit, which I of course complicated somewhat by reversing some of the cables (the right cable on both is reversed so it mirrors the left cable) and the large cable on the left glove is reversed. The cable columns are done every 6th row as well in mine (instead of every 3rd). I much prefer how it looks this way, and she did as well, which makes me very happy that I did the modifications.


I rather enjoyed working with the Silky Merino too... it was quite soft, though a little splitty (I blame my bamboo DPNs). Not completely happy that the cables flattened some when they were washed and blocked, but I will definitely be working with it again (especially since I have three skeins of it in my personal stash).

Next post... most likely it will be of my swap package, which I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More Swappity Goodness...

It seems that my blog has become little more than a record of recently arrived swaps (5 out of my last 10 posts have been swap packages that I have received). And well, now I am doing it again.

I love the Malabrigo Swap Group on Ravelry so much that when a similar group, but for Blue Sky Alpacas yarn was started, I decided to join it as well, even though I had only ever petter some of their yarns before. And now I am going to be doing a lot more petting, at least of their positively yummy cottons, because my package arrived today at my new place (well, technically, yesterday, but I wasn't here when they attempted delivery, so I picked it up this morning).


And I just have to say that I got spoiled. Boopersin (sorry, Ravelry link only there, but her name is Jenny and she rocks!) says in her note (which is written on a most wondrously gorgeous handmade looking paper) that this was her first swap. You'd never know that based on how well she stalked my posts on Ravelry, because she sent so many amazing goodies that I absolutely love.

Let's see...

• three skeins of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in Fern (I LOVE this color!)
• one skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton in Nut (such a lovely shade, and color grown!)
• one skein of Malabrigo merino worsted in Sweet Grape (Yay Malabrigo! I love this shade too!)
• patterns for Bobbi Bear, One Fish, Two Fish and Surfs Up! Volume 1
The Claws Come Out button pack and an I <3 Captain Tightpants button
• a Pink Knit Stick Sack by Ashland Sky (now, I am not a pink fan normally, but this is for a good cause - breast cancer research and education - so for this reason, Pink is perfect!)
• a Clover Chibi tapestry needle set (I've been wanting one of these for ages, and was very close to buying myself one a few weeks ago... glad I waited!)
• a Bryson spring tape measure (identical to the one I currently have but don't know the location of thanks to the move, so glad to have a spare!)
• a sample size Soak in the citrus scent (and since I cannot find my other wool washes right now this is getting put in a special place for when I need it)
• Honey Almond Oatmeal soap from Hidden Blessings on etsy (yay, I need more soap!)
• tea! Four Tazo Passion tea bags (one of their favorites of mine) and four different Revolution Tea boxes as well (Earl Grey Lavender - which I've tried in the past and loved, English Breakfast, Tropical Green and Golden Flowers Herbal... they all sound yummy!)

Jenny, thank you so very much for this wonderful swap package! You are the best!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Zombies are the new black.

Or something like that.

After a not-so-great weekend, followed by a trip to the emergency medical clinic to have three stitches put into Sage's butt (she sat on a pair of scissors - OUCH!!!), I returned home to find a box waiting on my porch.


When I opened it I found lots of mysterious items wrapped in tissue paper. It turns out the box was my MYB (Magic Yarn Ball) from the Malabrigo Swap group on Ravelry and my spoilee for this round was the insanely awesome Saucy Minx.

I had mentioned that I would love a Zombie theme for a swap package, and she delivered!


Whee! Glow in the dark Zombies peeking out of the yarn ball!

Partway through the unwrapping I had to stop to photograph some of the wonderful yarns she sent me:


And after all was said and done...


My scores:

• Malabrigo Silky in Bosques (OMG such a pretty colorway!)
• Madil Yarns Iceland (a wonderful aran weight wool in basic black, to be used for Bad Juju)
• Fortissima Socka Mexiko Color which will be perfect for the Zombie Socks pattern she included
• Louet Riverstone in Champagne (I had mentioned needing/wanting a nice flesh toned yarn for a few upcoming projects, I think this will be perfect for what I have in mind)
• a grow your own VooDoo doll (So cute!)
• red and white DMC embroidery floss to decorate my Bad Juju
• a package of pins with which to impale my Bad Juju
• a huge box of Jujyfruits (Mmmmmmm... yummy bit of word-play there!)
• my very own collection of glow in the dark flesh-eating zombies!
• some luscious Jasmine Pearl tea from Trader Joe's (funnily, I bought some last week to take to Harrisburg with me and left them here instead... now I have a spare box, one of which will make it to Harrisburg soon I hope, so I can have yummy tea goodness while there)
• a printed out copy of the Zombie Socks pattern, which I love and think will work well with the Fortissima Socka yarn
• two packets of Eucalan wool wash, which I have wanted to try for a while

After the weekend I had, I am very glad for this package to have arrived when it did... I really needed a bit of cheering up, and this did just that.

Thank you, SaucyMinx! You rock!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Vlad the Impaler hat pattern now available...


The Vlad the Impaler hat pattern is now available on the AntiCraft website.

But what is really awesome? It was mentioned on Lime & Violet!

The comment there is priceless too.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

State of the knitter...

I've barely updated here at all this summer. I've barely done any knitting at all this summer. I've barely had time to think about knitting related things at all this summer.

This will all hopefully change by fall, when we get settled into our new lives.

I normally don't post personal things here in my knitting blog (I tend to save the personal stuff for my livejournal, where I can monitor who reads my posts), but I am making an exception because this will explain why there's been very little knitting or thinking about knitting going on around here.

Two years ago my ex (high-school sweetheart) and I started writing to each other and finally not quite two months ago we stopped lying to ourselves about how we felt about each other still after all these years. We got together for lunch one Saturday in early June, and that was when I knew for sure that he was the one.

Mind you, there's a bit of a complication to this, in that I seem to be married. But I haven't been truly happy in a very long time, and I finally realized why. And I am finally doing something about it, whereas before I never thought I'd be able to.

Come the end of August, the girls and I are relocating to the state capital, where we will be living with Christian, whom I have loved for going on 20 years now. We both had our failed relationships over the years, and we both have baggage from these relationships, but we are both finally ready to do what we intended to do all those years ago, and that is to live happily ever after. Together.

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's been a while...

I've not been doing very much knitting in the last two months. Between playing on the GameCube, getting my new iMac and thus spending way too much time sitting in front of it, and now the heat, I just haven't felt much like knitting. Hopefully that will change soon, though, because I just got my copy of the AntiCraft book in the mail today.


Signed by Renée and Zabet, this book and accompanied goodies is mine thanks to their Vlad the Impaler hat design contest they were having a few months back.


This hat, in all it's spiky bloody glory, will be available in pattern form come the Lunghsadh issue of The AntiCraft.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mmmmmmmore Swap Goodness!

I said in my last post that the next one would also be swap related, and since there's been little knitting going on around here, I was right!

(The below is mostly copied directly from my Ravelry post, with minor changes as needed.)

Today's mail brought two packages from my Malabrigo Swap pal on Ravelry, Anne (TheBagLady, AKA half of The Bag Lady and The Pro). The first one I opened was sent from The Loopy Ewe, where I had recently set up a wishlist... this package contained the gorgeous Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon. Love it! Anyway, on to the photos and all the goodies...


The box, with it's pretty, pretty rose printed paper and everything still hiding inside.


All the goodies together.

Yarny bits - Malabrigo Silky Merino, 2 skeins in Blackberry (OMG so pretty! So soft! So luscious! I LOVE it!) and the Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon (So, so gorgeous! I will have to find the perfect pair of watery looking socks for this yarn. My first thought is Cookie A's Mingus, even though I tend to shy away from lacy patterns, I think it will be a beautiful one for this yarn).

Not-yarny bits - Dove Beautiful chocolates - milk chocolate with vitamins c and e... never seen these before, but I love Dove milk chocolates, and these are no exception (she types while letting one melt in her mouth), Back to Nature White Cheddar Rice Thin crackers - I love the Back to Nature products, and these are wonderful. Whisker Lickin's kitty treats - Shadow is curled up in a ball behind me right now, so I'll open these for him later. He loves kitty treats though, and we just ran out, so these came at a perfect time! Three lip balms - two of the Whole Foods ones in Vanilla Honey and Tangerine (Anne is an amazing stalker!) and one Lavender & Orange Badger lip balm... yummy! A very cute pen from The Kookys - this is funny because we were just looking at these somewhere last week and I almost bought one! And the last item, a beautiful set of four snag-free stitch markers with frosted white, orange and yellow beads on them. They are gorgeous and I cannot wait to put them to use!

Thank you, Anne, you are seriously awesome!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dia de los Mayo?

Last fall I participated in a Day of the Dead swap on Ravelry. Due to rather unforeseen circumstances and life getting in the way of things, the girl who was sending to me never got a chance to get the package sent...

Until a few days ago. It arrived earlier today, and though the box was rather mangled, everything inside appears to have been completely intact. (Though I don't know if anything may have gone missing, since I don't know what all she included in the package.)

At any rate, what arrived is lovely.


Lots of yarny goodness (I am awaiting a response from her in regards to the yarn since there are no tags on any of them, though they all appear to be around sock-weight), a yellow 7-day candle with a gorgeous lady on it, some really cool Day of the Dead magnets, an equally cool Day of the Dead pin, and lots of skull lollipops (which have been confiscated by the girls).

My next blog post will most likely also be swap related, as I am currently in yet another Malabrigo Swap, because I just cannot get enough of that wonderful yarny goodness.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Favorite Color Swap - received!


Today brought the arrival of my package from the Favorite Color Swap 3. My sender, Sandy, AKA Hockeymom Knits was wonderful - very communicative throughout the contest, and she picked some wonderful goodies for me.


Let's see...

• Malabrigo chunky in Olive (I am almost positive I know what I want to make with this already)
• two balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK in Port (beautiful color, think I may have a project in mind for this too)
• Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's newest book, and it's signed to me too! I don't know if the wonderful Yarn Harlot is planning a stop in Pittsburgh this year or not, if she is, now I won't have to wait in line to have her sign a copy of this for me like I did last year.
• Aura Cacia Lavender body cream (I am hoping I can use it, I recently discovered a sensitivity to lavender essential oil, but with it in a cream instead of neat, I may be ok with it.)
• two endangered species milk chocolate bars (oddly, with one of my totem animals, an otter, on the wrapper)

I seriously love everything. You did a wonderful job, Sandy! Thank you!


Sunday, May 04, 2008



I am participating in a non-fiber-related swap currently and the person I have for it (who happens to be a friend) loves zombies. It's only natural then that I should knit a zombie friend for her.

I heavily modified Katie Aaberg's Small Bunny (caution, pdf) pattern, which is a cute little pattern and is quite easy to follow (even when you aren't really following it at all).

I think the hardest part, other than knowing that eventually I will be giving him away, was trying to figure out how to give the little guy a ripped open and bloody bone exposed leg. Well, that and the dangly eye. Worsted weight yarn does not a good eye make... thankfully I had appropriate colors of sock yarns in the stash for his eye.


Die, ZomBunnie, Die.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sixth Socks


My 6th pair of knitted socks are complete. The interesting thing about these socks is that it is the first pair I've knitted for myself. I've done three pair of socks for the Hogwarts Sock Swaps (all three in Ravenclaw book colors), one pair for Sage (that sadly didn't survive their first washing, which I completely blame on the yarn), and one pair for Harley. And finally, I have my first pair of made by me for me socks.

It's not visible in the first photo, but there's some lower calf shaping going on in these, thanks to my well-developed legs.


The above photo is from just after I finished the first sock, in which the shaping is visible.

I started off with Cookie A's Baudelaire pattern, but quickly decided that I am not a fan of lace, especially for socks. So I changed it to a basic 3x2 ribbing. Still kept the stitch count and the toe-up gusset and heel, and they worked out quite nicely, though I am still going to experiment with other toe-up heels.

The yarn is what was left of the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Cedar... after I finished my gloves I still had more than one full skein of the yarn left. Since the skeins weren't an identical match, I split the remaining yarn equally in half and worked toe-up, starting first with the partial skein's yarn, then switching to the full skein's yarn. The switch is about an inch after the ribbing starts on both socks, and it's only really noticeable if you know it is there. Which now everyone does.

Next socks on the agenda for me... Firestarter (it's a pdf, just to warn you). Alas, they may have to wait a bit until I make another pair for Sage since she keeps trying to steal these.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hogwarts Sock Swap 3 - package arrived!


Look at all the goodies that arrived today! Ahem... I forgot to put one very important skein of yarn in the photo... whoops! Not pictured in the above photo is a beautiful skein of Malabrigo Lace in Forest... so soft, so pettable, so pretty. How on earth could I have forgotten it?

Included in this package were so many goodies, I don't know how my pal Ana got everything to fit into the box. She did an amazing job on the socks, Monica Jines's Triple Twist Socks...


They fit perfectly and the yarn she used, vanCalcar Acres Jennifer's FlockSock Sock Yarn, is very sot and squishy and my feet are quite happy right now.

Other than the socks and Malabrigo Lace, she also sent lots of other yummy yarns - two skeins of Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in Rock 'n Roll (Harley fell in love with the bright rainbow colors, I have a feeling this will end up as socks for her), Elann's Sock it to Me Colori in a wonderfully bright colorway (of which I cannot locate a name, only a color number, which happens to be 33), Some Sugar 'n Cream in Beach Ball Blue, which is possibly one of the few colors of theirs that I have really liked but never bought (and now I have some so I can make something other than boring off-white dishcloths the next time I feel like making one which will probably be soon since a lot of ours are holey). There was plenty of non-yarny goodness in there too... the Fawkes sock pattern from the late Gigi Silva, a very nice old-world style journal, The Magic Loop book and a 40" US1 Addi Turbo circular needle (since I mentioned wanting to learn magic loop for socks, and now I can!), two little packets of Soak in citrus and sola - very excited about trying these scents, the one Soak I tried in the past was lovely and I bet these are as well, a wee little soap bar from Biggs & Featherbelle and a very cute card with knitted socks on the front.

Thank you Ana! I love my goodies!

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Monday, March 31, 2008

MmmSushi and other Malabrigo goodness


I love sushi. Alas, it's been a while since we've been able to go out to a Japanese restaurant to enjoy it (buying take-out sushi from Whole Foods, while yummy, doesn't count).

When I was working on my Mr. Greenjeans (it's done, a photo is included at the bottom of this post) I was contemplating things to do with the leftover yarn, should there be any. It happened that there was around 1/2 of a skein left, so first, I made a hat for Chris (The Boy Hat, which is a simple ribbed hat with awesome decreases).


And then I had probably around 20 yards of yarn left, which isn't really enough to do much with, except possibly seaweed, which it was the perfect color for. So with that and other yarns from my stash (white Cascade 20, as white, two different pinks and green; Lion Wool, as red; and Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton in Straw for the chopsticks), the knitted sushi was born. I still have a bit of the Vaa left, so I may make a few more pieces, but I am out of pink Kool-Aid since I only dyed a little bit of the white yarn as needed, so if I do make more it will have to be once I restock my Kool-Aid for more fishy goodness.

And since I said I'd post the Mr. VaaJeans photo, here it is, with a photo that I am not entirely happy with but it suffices for now...


And it's button, a beautiful sea glass piece I got on Etsy...


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


We are not a family of traditionalists. We don't really celebrate Easter or Christmas, though both myself and my husband grew up in families that did. We've tried to raise our children to be accepting of all faiths, and we do our best to celebrate the more traditional Pagan holidays, though they do still get Christmas gifts from the grandparents and aunts and uncles, etc.

Anyway, they got baskets (knitted and felted by me in the last two days, using up 4 skeins of yarn from my stash that had otherwise been in there for eternity since I could not otherwise find a use for them - two were from the Spin to Knit swap last year, one was leftover from my first felted bag, the last, some Cascade 220 Heathers that I got in a swap ages ago). One basket didn't make the cut, there just wasn't enough yarn and I should have modified my "pattern" (in quotes because I was making it up as I went) but didn't, and it came out horridly floppy, though a second felting did help it some, but it is still way too small.

But I didn't start this post intending for it to be about the baskets, but rather, one lucky winner of a blanket. And the winner is... Knit-R-Done! Thanks to everyone who commented, I wish I had more blankets to give away!

And on a closing note, the pre-felting photo from the first two baskets...


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